Transact Like A Wall Street Professional And Explode Your Business Like Never Before…
…With Commercial Real Estate’s #1 Business Building Catalyst!
If You Know Anything About Anything, You Know That Commercial Real Estate Isn’t Just Something That You Jump Into Head-first Without Knowing What You’re Doing.
How Do You Learn The Things You Don’t Know You Don’t Know?
(A Letter From Sal)
Hello, I’m Sal Buscemi, founder and CEO of The Commercial Investor and co-founder and managing director of Dandrew Partners in New York City. I’m a former Goldman Sachs investment banker who left the company after 8 years to pursue my true passions within commercial real estate.
As you can probably tell, I’ve worked in this field most of my life.

The main thing I’ve noticed when dealing with investors is this: Many investors have no idea what they’re doing.

And to be totally frank with you, the majority of people in this business simply don’t know what they don’t know.
That isn’t necessarily their fault though. It just so happens that there are many who lack the sophistication needed to transact in the world of high finance, and they don’t know where to turn to get it.

Can you believe that?

A plethora of real estate investment training out there, and still nothing good enough to qualify people and give them the confidence they need to transact effectively.
I know from years of experience it’s MUCH harder to gain trust, close deals, and offer advice to your clients when you can’t speak the language right.

What language?

The language of dealmaking. High finance.
There are specific knowledge points serious investors look for when considering opportunities, and if you don’t know what they are you aren’t going to be successful – simple as that. 

My time as a cynical Wall Street investment banker taught me everything I needed to know about high finance, and this knowledge (or “intellectual capital” – as we call it in the business) is something I want every single commercial real estate authority to have access to.
It’s for this very reason that myself and 12 of my industry peers on Wall Street have developed The Association of Capital Placement Agents for Real Estate or ACPARE.

Our goal is to provide each individual investor with the same level of “intellectual capital” and Wall Street transactional training needed to confidently operate and deal with the professionals.
And now, for the very first time, we’ve consolidated all our knowledge into an easy-to-use, completely unvarnished “Wall Street style” training program we like to call ACPARE HQ.
Who Am I?
Why ACPARE HQ? 5 Reasons…
ACPARE HQ is for investors who are serious about positioning themselves right and standing out from the hordes of folks who don’t know what they’re doing. With ACPARE HQ, you’re going to be able to…
  •  Transact In All 8 Of The Major CRE Disciplines
  • Divide and conquer or mix and match to choose the type of CRE investor you’re going to be. These disciplines include Stabilized Transactions, Value Added Transactions, Joint Ventures & Fund Structures, Land Development, Commercial Due Diligence, Condominium Development, Capital Structures, and Distressed Assets.
  •  Expand Your Investing Skillset Like Never Before
  • ACPARE HQ is the “Swiss army knife” of commercial real estate transactional training. You’re going to have access to every trick and tool you need to carve your own real estate investing path and magnify your success beyond anything you’ve experienced before.
  •  Generate And Protect Your Wealth With Hard Assets
  • With Trump now in office, money that traditionally existed far, far away from real estate has made it’s way here – and it’s here to stay. Invest in a hard asset class that is secured and insured… something that isn’t going to be wiped out by a hacker or taken from you in the dead of night.
  •  Train Your Entire Team With Confidence And Ease
  • Rest easy knowing you and your people are getting the best quality CRE training around. Focus your time on the things that matter and trust us here at The Commercial Investor to train your office and interns. Complete access to the very same training I received as a young investment banker, plus everything I’ve learned since that time.
  •  Earn Our World Class ACPARE Accreditation
  • ACPARE is the nation’s gold standard when it comes to commercial real estate training and accreditation. If you’re looking to build credibility and really distinguish yourself from the hordes of people who don’t know what they’re doing, this is the best way to do it. No tricks or hidden costs – just pure, honest, expert-level accreditation.
Who’s It For?
ACPARE HQ is for anyone who’s serious about dealing with the “big kids” in the sandbox of commercial real estate.

My colleagues and I spent the past 24 months carefully engineering this system of structured success.

We’ve essentially distilled all our transactional experiences and commercial investing fundamentals into an easy-to-understand format that ANYONE – regardless of background, real estate experience, or education – can use immediately to architect big profits an any type of real estate opportunity.
So what does that mean for you?

It means that if you’re a real estate fund manager, land developer, financial consultant, intern, analyst, dealmaker, or anything else related to commercial real estate, ACPARE HQ is for you.

This program was originally designed for use with smaller private equity firms and family offices, to effortlessly and inexpensively train their analysts and dealmakers.

It’s an all-inclusive, come-as-you-are type training program.
Have you ever wanted to…
  •  Speak the cryptic language of commercial dealmaking?
  •  Master the very same skills expert investors like Trump use every day to capitalize on major investment opportunities?
  •  Have absolute control of your deal flow and get the most lucrative deal opportunities handed to you on a silver platter?
  •  Know how to avoid the most painful and embarrassing real estate investing mistakes before you ever make them?
  •  Magnetically attract capital and source major deal opportunities easily and effortlessly?
  •  Have continued access to all the commercial real estate tips, tricks, and lingo that the “big boys” use to transact professionally?
  •  Know what you’re talking about when speaking with clients, investors, and every type of financial institution?
  •  Be taken seriously by peers, colleagues, associates, and everyone else in your industry?
If you nodded eagerly and answered “yes” to any of the above, then I have good news:
ACPARE HQ is for you!
…Control Lucrative Cash-Flowing 
Properties That Provide Passive Income for Life…
…Wholesale Commercial REOs 
for Massive Paydays….
…Gain Unprecedented Credibility in The Eyes of Investors Throughout The Business…
Explode Your Commercial Investing Repertoire With The Nation’s #1 Commercial Real Estate Business Building Catalyst
Over the past 24 months my team and I – along with several of my Wall Street friends in New York – have created eight separate ACPARE™ Mastery Certifications across all disciplines in commercial real estate investing.
… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg...
But we’ve done much more than that: We’ve engineered an entire system of structured success, leveraging our transactional experiences and fundamentals which have been distilled into an easy-to-understand format that ANYONE – regardless of background, real estate experience, or education – can use IMMEDIATELY to architect large profits on ANY type of commercial real estate opportunity.
ACPARE™ HQ is your golden ticket to certified wealth creation, lasting prestige, and instant credibility. It’s your “in” to a supreme group of skilled dealmakers who can tell you – from their own experience – that in commercial real estate, it’s knowledge (or “intellectual capital,” as we call it in this business) that gets you funded...
Not once, not twice, but – yes, you guessed it – EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Ask yourself what it would be like to...
  • Speak the cryptic language of commercial dealmaking...
  •  Master the very same skills expert investors like Donald Trump use EVERY DAY to capitalize on colossal investment opportunities...
  •  Execute absolute control over your deal flow and have the most lucrative deal opportunities handed to you on a silver platter...
  •  Raise capital ON DEMAND using our proven pitchbooks and scripts
  •  Gain access to investment opportunities most real estate investors couldn’t even DREAM of...
  •  Be taken seriously by peers, colleagues, associates, and EVERYONE ELSE in this industry…
If you nodded eagerly to any of the above, then I have news for you: You’re in the right place. At exactly the right time.
For The First Time in Our Nation’s History, We Have a President Who Built his Wealth in Commercial Real Estate. No Longer Will Commercial Real Estate be Seen as an “alternative” Asset Class.
Deals Aren’t Simply Announced... They’re Discovered and Architected from Worthwhile Opportunities.
How Does It Work?
Step 1: Take the Course
These ACPARE Mastery Courses range from 3 - 8 hours each and come complete with video training lessons and downloadable handouts.

You’ll get flowcharts, blueprints and cheat sheets for quick, easy reference, plus module-specific quizzes and a final exam to test your understanding of the material.
Step 2: Pass the Test
At the end of each module within each ACPARE Mastery Course, you’ll take a brief quiz to ensure that you’ve gained an acceptable understanding of the content and the basic concepts covered in the lesson. Once you’ve completed all the quizzes, you’ll then take an online final exam. Upon successful completion you’ll earn your Transaction Mastery Certification for that specific course. There are 8 in all!
The exams are designed for your dealmaking success. They aren’t necessarily “tricky” (no SAT goofiness), yet they will test your knowledge and comprehension of the material. A passing grade is 80. You can take the exam 3 times, and if you don’t pass after 3 attempts, simply go back through the module prior to taking the test again.
The exams are not timed. They consist of 60 multiple choice and true/false questions. You’ll need to allow 45 to 60 minutes to complete the exam if you plan to complete it in a single sitting. Your exam answers will be saved in the case that you need to finish at a later date.
Step 3: Display Your Badge
Upon successful completion of the course and exams, you’ll receive a personalized certificate and digital badge – for each one.
You’ll be able to display your badge on your website, in your email signature, on community portals or your blog, and in your LinkedIn® profile and Twitter status.
And the best part: Your digital certificate is full color – so make sure to print it up, frame it, and display it proudly in your home or office.
These certifications are what will distinguish you in the eyes of your colleagues and competitors, your family and friends.

Display them on your profiles for LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Twitter® and your professional business email as you transact and interact with people.

This is how you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd and amplify your credibility and prestige in the eyes of everyone you meet. 
Gain Access To The World’s Most Thorough Wealth Generation Library – Bursting With Critical Intel And Strategies To Maximize Your CRE Investing Success
Stabilized Transaction Mastery
(Value: $997)
The easiest transaction types to raise private money around.
Stabilized properties are the SAFEST and most sought after, in demand commercial assets in ANY market. No matter how big or how small.
They include the 4 Food Groups of income-producing commercial real estate: Retail, Multifamily, Office, and Industrial/Warehouse.
(Yes, there is more to commercial than apartments….)
In Stabilized Transactions Mastery you’ll learn about how to value these 4 Food Groups; lease structures and terms; debt structures; rent roll analysis; how to acquire, assume, sell, and invest in these bond-like investments; and how to use our models to pinpoint profitability before making any further investment of your time or money. 
Value-Added Transaction Mastery
(Value: $997)
Rehab. For commercial.
Value-added transactions are huge wealth creators. However, this is only true if you have the step-by-step plan on how to analyze these projects – only then will the process become very clear to you. This course will provide you with the clarity and leadership you need to bring your deal to a close.
This mastery program discusses the following in depth:
  •  How to define value-added investments (and what differentiates them from other transaction types)
  •  The investor transaction selection criteria you are expected to know...
  •  “Good” deals vs. “bad” deals (the compare and contrast model)
  • How to add value to the property (remember: not all repairs add value!)
  • Types of financing used for acquiring and exit sizing for takeout permanent loans
In Value Added Mastery you’ll learn how to use our proprietary models to analyze, place capital, raise capital, or arbitrage value-added deals across the 4 Food Groups. 
Joint Venture and Fund Structure Mastery
(Value: $997)
When do you need a fund and when do you need to use a joint venture structure?
The key to achieving success here is finding the right partner and understanding how to correctly form the JV and the fund. This mastery explores the different types of equity investors and focuses on how to start a fund – regardless of your experience level.
This mastery program discusses the following in depth:
  •  What a joint venture partner is and examples of JV partners
  •  A comparison of the joint venture equity partnership vs. the fund structure.
  •  What it means to form a “good” partnership
  •  The key drivers in each structure, such as promotes, discretion, term of the partnership, leverage, crossed promotes, and realization timelines
  •  Who’s who? (LPs vs. GPs vs. Institutional Equity, pari pasu alignment, and more…) 
Land Development Mastery
(Value: $997)
How do you value a piece of dirt? Very few know how…
Land can be a tremendous wealth creator, but only if you know what you’re looking for and only when you’re able to engineer the deal properly.
This mastery program discusses the following in depth:
  •  The key metrics used to value land
  •  How to properly conduct land due diligence
  •  Creating a plan for structuring your land deal
  •  How to finance any land deal (capital structure for land)
  •  A comparison of land uses and the most profitable land types
  •  How to conduct residential and commercial residual analyses
Commercial Due Diligence Mastery
(Value: $997)
The devil is always in the details that you DON’T know about…
This mastery program discusses the following in depth:
  • Gamesmanship: understanding the due diligence process during negotiations
  • Due diligence cost-cutting tips
  •  Mechanical and physical inspections: what they consist of and how to conduct them properly
  •  The underwriting and financial analysis processes
  •  Using due diligence to your advantage to close deals
Condominium Investing Mastery
(Value: $997)
Like IPOs, the best time to buy condos is BEFORE they are made available to the public…
This mastery program discusses the following in depth:
  • The key metrics used to value condominiums
  •  How to conduct condominium due diligence.
  •  Different options for financing condo deals
  •  Condo types and all the factors to consider before investing
  •  Figuring out condo ROI and finding the right deal
  •  Determining condo value and due diligence factors specific to the asset class
Commercial Capital Structure Mastery
(Value: $997)
Those sexy cocktail terms everyone loves to say, but only a very few know about…
This mastery program discusses the following in depth:
  • Understanding the entire commercial structured products spectrum: first trust debt vs. mezzanine vs. preferred equity vs. equity
  •  Rights, remedies, and collateral: obtaining maximum leverage and gain when distress happens
  • The waterfall: who gets paid what and when
  •  A/B note structures vs. second trust deeds vs mezzanine structures
  •  Everything you need to know about mezzanine and preferred equity (collateral and security details, who controls what and when, the documentation required, pari-pasu vs. subordination, etc.)
  •  Acquisition, asset management, and disposition fees
Commercial Opportunistic Transaction Distressed Investing Mastery
(Value: $997)
It’s a well-known fact: Other people’s pain is your gain in commercial…
This mastery program discusses the following in depth:
  •  The 7 key reasons why deals go bad (and how to spot them quickly and easily) 
  •  The distressed asset lifecycle: where the greatest risk is and how to price it
  •  Types of commercial defaults and their severity
  • Buying the distressed note
  • Bankruptcy (and how you profit from it)
  • Chapter 11 debtor-in-possession loans
  •  Successful deal structuring around distressed commercial assets
Why Do I Need It?
What’ll it cost me?
No monetary sum can compare to the wealth of knowledge – of “intellectual capital” – that will soon be at your disposal. ACPARE™ HQ is a treasure trove of strategies I’ve worked my entire career to develop, a library of skills so comprehensive and complete I’m shooting myself in the foot just giving this away...
This is a wealth of knowledge that is going to infuriate everyone else in the industry. But they won’t be mad at you – no, no… They’ll be mad at me. Furious. Bloodthirsty.
Why? Because I’m taking their closely-guarded secrets and handing them over to people who I know are going to succeed. People who are going to snatch up all their opportunities and transform them into pure, unadulterated commercial real estate wealth.
Anything you give me in exchange for this knowledge is going to be used for my own protection. This industry’s elite are like dragons sleeping on their mountains of gold – dragons that I’m about to awaken. And there are going to be dire consequences (for me) when I start handing out all this wealth they’ve just been sitting on…
Now, when I created each of these ACPARE™ courses originally, I planned to offer them to investors at $997/course. Meaning that if you wanted to learn about Stabilized Transactions, you paid $997. Then you paid another $997 to unlock Due Diligence Mastery, and so on.
What I found was this: Investors were sticking with just one discipline. No one was branching out or trying anything new, and people were losing out on lucrative opportunities just because they didn’t have complete access to this wealth of intellectual capital. 
You’re going to be exposed to all kinds of deals and situations during your commercial real estate career, and I want to make sure you’re fully equipped to handle every single one. That’s why my team and I created ACPARE™ HQ: To secure your success in ALL areas of commercial real estate deal structuring.
The diversity of courses here is what distinguished ACPARE™ HQ from our traditional ACPARE™ setup. We’ve converted ACPARE™ to a monthly subscription so that you can have complete 24/7 access to the guidebook for every commercial real estate discipline.
Instead of paying $997 for each ACPARE™ Mastery Course, it’s only going to cost you $299/month. That’s $299 for total access to all 8 of the commercial real estate disciplines, including our ACPARE™ Mastery Courses, Quizzes, Certifications and more.
Plus, you can call and cancel your subscription at any time. If for any reason you’re no longer interested in taking the courses or you’ve already memorized all the material, contact us at and let us know. We’ll cancel your subscription within 24 hours, no questions asked.
No monetary sum compares to the true wealth of knowledge you’ll soon have access to. 

ACPARE HQ is filled with strategies my peers and I have worked our whole careers to develop and real estate investing secrets that have never before been released to the public.
You’re going to be exposed to all types of deals and situations during your real estate career, and it pays to know how to handle them.

What would you give to position yourself as the ultimate authority in any circumstance you may find yourself?

Or know how to magnetically attract capital and source meaningful opportunities 100% of the time?
ACPARE HQ will let you do just that.

Real estate investing is going to become second nature to you. 

You’ll have total, continued access to my ultimate investing library for all 8 of the major CRE disciplines and you’ll be able to pick and choose what kind of opportunities you’re going to pursue. An absurd amount of knowledge and “intellectual capital” is right there at your disposal, just waiting for you to take advantage of it.
Get Access To The Most Thorough CRE Knowledge Base Ever Released To The Public
What’s It Going To Cost?
But who’s it for?
ACPARE™ HQ is for you and your entire team. Like I said before, this program was designed for use with smaller private equity firms and family offices, to effortlessly and inexpensively train their analysts and dealmakers.
Much of the work that deal structuring and commercial consulting, etc. involve can be handled by interns and analysts, and this will make training your team a hundred times easier than ever before.
$299/month will get you and your team full access to the 8 commercial real estate disciplines, so you can train your members using any ACPARE™ Mastery Course, anytime you like.
Having access to the full ACPARE™ library is going to be crucial to ensuring your success as a commercial real estate authority. You don’t want to paint your way into a corner and end up trapped because you only know about one asset class. Instead, your deal opportunities are going to become wider and most diverse than ever, and with ACPARE™ HQ you’ll know precisely how to manage each one.
Most investors prefer to stick with one asset class rather than branch out and explore other opportunities, but for the real players in this business that just doesn’t make sense. Why limit yourself to one corner of the court and stand there watching for the whole game when there are so many chances to jump in elsewhere?
That’s why you’re going to get unlimited access to all 8 of our ACPARE HQ Mastery Classes at once – so that you can multiply your successes with other opportunities and build wealth in different asset classes. The core purpose of ACPARE is to give every investor a chance to jump into real estate the Wall Street way, with a well-rounded knowledge base and opportunities to succeed in a variety of different arenas.
So to make sure that happens and that this is affordable for everyone, I’ve decided to charge a standard rate of $299/month for full ACPARE HQ access. This includes access to all the official classes, coursework, quizzes, and – of course -- our world-class ACPARE accreditation.
What’s more, there are no hidden costs. No paying extra if you’re taking too long in a course or decide you don’t want to learn anything today. No worries. So long as you keep up your monthly subscription you’ll have total access to everything and you’ll be able to work through the trainings at your own pace, whenever you’d like. No pressure to finish classes within a certain timeframe or earn your certificate faster than you’re comfortable with.
$299/month includes full team access as well. Train yourself, your team, your interns, your dog – whoever’s considered part of your immediate office and vital to your success as an investor. (So long as they’re actually part of your team, of course. I don’t want this wealth of information just being handed out willy-nilly…)
When you complete a course successfully and receive your official ACPARE Certificate and Badge you’ll be considered an ACPARE Accredited Investor. Congratulations! That will last for one full year. Then you’ll need to retake the quiz again just to make sure nothing’s changed and that your knowledge is all up-to-date. You don’t have to redo the full course or any of the lessons, just prove that you still know what you’re talking about and are qualified to bear the ACPARE name.
$299/month is nothing compared to the amount of wealth you’re going to generate just by having access to the full ACPARE HQ training library. The opportunities to branch out, learn new tricks, and build your success with all areas of your commercial real estate repertoire extend far and wide.
The only thing that’s going to stop you from taking advantage of this enormous wealth of opportunity? You. Don’t get in the way of your future success or settle for anything less than what you’re capable of.
Learn How To Architect Profits From Opportunities In All 8 Major CRE Disciplines Today
Still Not Convinced ACPARE HQ Is For You?
There are a plethora of other real estate training programs out there, most of which involve poorly-executed “get rich quick” schemes or gurus promising shortcuts to riches.
In other words, there are a lot of “clickbait style” offers aimed at tricking people into buying a product that just can’t deliver on its promises.
ACPARE HQ makes no “get rich quick” guarantees or promises of instant gratification. It gives you the tools that will ultimately lead you to wealth and riches, but you have to put in the work first. Just like earning your doctorate, building a business, or doing anything else worthwhile in life, you’re going to get out of it what you put in.
And with ACPARE HQ, that effort is going to pay off over and over again. Wherever you are in your business or career path right now, you’re going to start to see real, organic progress when you invest your time and yourself into this program. 

Success is a given with this kind of specific, tactical training.
What’s more, the associated ACPARE accreditation is huge. When you pass an ACPARE Mastery Class and become certified in one of the 8 major CRE disciplines, you make a choice to set yourself apart from every other “cut and paste” investor in the crowd. You send a crystal clear message to your prospects that you have a thorough understanding of their needs and concrete solutions to their problems.
So what’ll ACPARE HQ do for you? It’ll show you how to engineer profits like clockwork, all the parts moving together to ensure your commercial real estate investing success. That, and so, so much more…
My advice is this: Act today. Get access to the only commercial real estate training program that will solidify your success and cannonball you into the #1 position in any market you want to control.
I can promise you it’ll be the best decision you ever made. 
Salvatore M. Buscemi
Founder and CEO, The Commercial Investor
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Dandrew Partners, LLC
Now for The Cold, Hard Truth…
There are plenty of “get rich quick” commercial real estate programs that promise or “guarantee” shortcuts to riches. I’ve seen plenty of them during my time as an investor and I know you have too.
But here’s the thing you have to ask yourself about these kinds of programs: Does a random self-proclaimed real estate guru from suburban South Dakota really have the experience and expertise needed to take you where you want to be?
Probably not. But frankly, if that’s something you’re attracted to then this club isn’t for you. I’ve spent the last 24 months architecting this elite system, and I’ve centered my formula around the successes of my current intermediaries – the very same people who used these exact same skills to create VERY profitable deals out of opportunities that no one else could see.
For me, it’s all about ego. I love seeing people who’ve been homeless go on to make 5-figures on their deals. I love seeing a system – MY system – that I built to help others create wealth really work, regardless of users’ backgrounds, education, and the adversity they’ve faced in their lives.
Success is a given when you have this kind of specific, tactical training. Your confidence skyrockets through the roof. Your ability shoots even higher. You’re able to achieve things your mind never even would have conjured up before you started.
Here’s what you have to keep in mind: The Association of Capital Placement Agents for Real Estate™ is the nation’s gold standard when it comes to commercial real estate training and accreditation.
So if you want to become a successful hedge fund manager, this program is for you. If you want to flip stabilized commercial properties fast for massive profits, this program is for you too.
And if you want to hold the markets of commercial real estate at the tips of your fingers – expertly sourcing and structuring deals like a skilled puppeteer – then ACPARE™ HQ is DEFINITELY for you…
When you take any one of our ACPARE™ Mastery Courses, when you choose to become accredited in any commercial real estate discipline, you set yourself apart from every other dealmaker in your market. 
You send a crystal-clear message to your prospects that you have a thorough understanding of their needs and concrete solutions to their problems. 
You show them that you aren’t needy, just greedy enough to be trusted. Greedy enough to source and structure strong deal flow, expertly and consistently
This program will change you, and it’ll change how and your team do business. It’s going to change how you’re perceived by others in your market and in the industry. And it’s for sure going to change how your friends and family members see you – and how they treat you.
And it’ll change your legacy: Everything you leave behind. It’ll matter when your kids (and their kids) are provided for, when people start naming buildings and dance moves after you.
And there’s more. From the moment you subscribe to ACPARE™ HQ, you gain the ability to transact in a world where we have our very first commercial real estate investor leading the nation: President Donald J. Trump.
As more and more people gain wind of the commercial real estate opportunities exploding in the markets right now, and as the craze sets in, the fools are going to rush forward. They’re going to try and snatch up all this knowledge and credibility, and they’re going to be desperate to distinguish themselves from everyone else in the horde.
That’ll be a few months from now, if not sooner. But it won’t matter, because by that time you’ll already have distinguished yourself as a trusted commercial real estate mover and shaker. You’ll already be sourcing meaningful deal flow and structuring lucrative deals from opportunities at will. 
You’ll know how to engineer profits like clockwork, all the parts moving together to ensure your dealmaking success.
You’ll have built more wealth than any of them will EVER see. I have no doubts about that.
So you can start now, or you can drown in regret later. Every day you pass this up is another day given to building your competitors’ success. It’s another day where you stay right where you are, unsure about how to move forward and content with the knowledge that you never will.
You don’t want to be in that place, and I don’t want you to be there. Make a decision now to join the only commercial real estate association that will guarantee your success and cannonball you into the #1 position in ANY market you want to control.
Look, there are plenty of other get rich quick commercial programs that promise shortcuts to riches. However, does a housewife from suburban Ohio really have the experience to get you to where you want to be?
Frankly, if you’re attracted to that, than this club is not for you. I don’t want your money. I don’t need it. I just need to build upon the successes of my current intermediaries who used these same skills to create very profitable deals out of opportunities that no one else could see.
To me it’s all ego. I love seeing people who have been homeless making 5-figures on a deal. I love seeing a system I built create wealth for others – regardless of their background, education, or any adversity they may have faced.
Or starting their own private equity firms. Its takes knowledge.
And when you have that specific, tactical training, your confidence skyrockets through the roof.
This APA® Commercial Core Certification is for anyone looking to command premium fees for capital placement, deal making, and their services when it comes to transacting and consulting on all commercial property investments.
Your positioning in the marketplace matters.
Like it or not, your prospects and clients WANT to do business with credible business owners they can trust.
As an Accredited Placement Agent®, you set yourself apart from every single investor in your market. You send a crystal clear message to your prospects that you have a thorough understanding of their needs and concrete solutions to their problems. Meaning,
You’re not needy, you’re just greedy enough to be trusted to source and structure strong deal flow.
These prestige, authority and status that you will achieve and be awarded within the next 2 months will change your career, your life, and your legacy.
But what are you really buying?
The power to transact in a world where we have our first commercial real estate investor President Elect.
A year from now, the fools will try to rush in. And it will be too late for them.
You will already have distinguished yourself and will have profited before the craze.
Get the tools you need to evergreen you and your families prosperity.
And in a year. I'll still say I told you so. 
Get Continued Access To My Complete Library Of Time-Tested Methods and CRE Success Strategies Now
Finally! In only a few moments you’ll have the Fully
Consolidated Land Valuation Toolkit to…
Successfully Invest in One of
the Most Profitable
Commercial Opportunities of
Today: Land Deals
WRONG. Land deals hold some of the greatest wealth-building opportunities in commercial real estate today. When managed properly, land deals can be fairly hassle-free and a more lucrative wealth-building opportunity than any other type of commercial real estate transaction.
Well why isn’t everyone investing in land deals, then?
Good question. Here’s the reason: Many investors avoid the unending gold mine of commercial real estate land transactions for one reason, and one reason only…
They have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.
Many see all the profit to be made from land investments, they see the “big boys” purchasing and developing land, and they think to themselves, “Why can’t I do that?”
Well, see, here’s our little secret...
That’s right. These opportunistic transactions are easier than you think – easier to structure, easier to manage, and easier for you to emerge with a monumental payoff.
It all has to do with valuing the land beforehand: seeing the development potential and investing accordingly.
Not only will this ACPARE Certified Land Development Mastery kit give you the skills to discover the future profit potential in every land opportunity, but it’ll grant you the confidence you need to move forward with your acquisitions and earn the mammoth paydays you’ve been waiting for.
You can thank us later; after all, your dealmaking success is what we’re here for.
Just as every handyman needs a toolkit, so too does every aspiring and experienced dealmaker need a tried, tested playbook to walk them through the intricacies of structuring deals – to show them how to find value where few can find it.
Act now and become ACPARE certified. Trust us: You’re worth it.
And, if you still aren’t convinced, here’s some of the many ways in which ACPARE’s Certified Land Development Mastery Class will empower you to:
  • Identify the concealed profit potential in ALL types of land and snatch the best opportunities up before someone else does
  • Understand the 7 Types of Land and determine the “real future value” of each land opportunity (Hint: “entitled” isn’t what your seller thinks it means…)
  • Successfully implement the Two Main Land Investment Strategies to decrease risk and enhance returns
  • Understand land due diligence: including what you need to look for, how you’ll find it, and how you can leverage this information to generate enormous wealth as you carefully select your land opportunities
  • Utilize ALL the metrics for financing, selling, and trading (wholesaling) land effectively
  • Know the Four Financing Options – without using banks - where land deals are concerned (hint: your bank account will thank you later!)
  • Leverage your resources to effectively structure each land transaction to your liking (in other words, be in complete control of the deal)
  • Easily calculate the land development costs that’ll give you the most “bang for your buck” (hint: this trick’ll keep you from overpaying for your land!)
  • Comprehend the 5 Common Land Investing Characteristics every successful opportunistic investor needs to make intelligent and informed commercial real estate decisions
  • Comprehend The Land Continuum and the factors you’ll need to consider when purchasing (hint: this’ll save you a lot of hurt later on!)
  • Weave your way through the tangled mess of politics in land transactions (because what is THE MOST politically charged real estate class? that’s right: it’s land)
  • Know what the Three Categories of Risk in Land Development are and how to effectively minimize risk early on
  • Use the 15 Total Land Development Issues to your advantage to frame yourself as a knowledgeable and credible developer and land banker
  • Know the Four Essential Land Rights that you need to understand before investing in any land deal (hint: these’ll make EVERY difference when it comes to valuing your opportunistic deal’s profit potential)
  • Utilize all our well-kept ACPARE secrets to maximize profits, increase your credibility, and frame yourself as the seasoned and experienced investor you already are (or the one you will be soon)
As you probably know by now, becoming an ACPARE Certified Land Transaction Investment Specialist will allow you to gain the prestige most commercial investors only dream about. Completion of this Expert-Level Mastery Class will render you able to make informed and intelligent investment decisions, gain unprecedented amounts of credibility, and command the highest fees in the business.
To become a Complete ACPARE Certified Land Transaction Investment Specialist now, simply choose your program below and follow 3 Easy Steps… Different
Are there other courses out there on Stabilized Property investing? Probably. But you won’t find anything that comes close to what you’ll get with this training.

The difference is, all of us here at The Commercial Investor, including our students and partners, are actual investors, in the trenches every day.

We raise capital, place capital, analyze and structure deals, buy and sell property, negotiate with institutions, family offices, and lenders, and pitch the ‘big boys.’

So…does this sound exciting to you? Is this something you want to be part of? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then you’re in the right place.
Course Details
Lesson 1: Start Here
Section 1.1  -  Orientation
Section 1.2  -  Here’s What to Expect
Section 1.3  -  Asset Types
Section 1.4  -  The Total Real Estate Capital Strategy
Section 1.5  -  Stabilized Properties: The What and Why
Section 1.6  -  Rules of Investing
Section 1.7  -  Sample Transaction: Stabilized Property Example #1
Section 1.8  -  Sample Transaction: Stabilized Property Example #2
Lesson 2: Real Estate “Whole Loan” Financing Continuum: The Lenders
Section 2.1-  Real Estate Risk
Lesson 3: The Different Types of Real Estate Properties: The Assets
Section 3.1  -  Stabilized Properties
Section 3.2  -  Unstabilized or Value Added Properties
Section 3.3  -  Opportunistic Properties
Lesson 4: What is Permanent Financing?
Section 4.1  -  Definition
Section 4.2  -  Typical Permanent Financing Structure
Section 4.3  -  Repaying the Permanent Loan
Lesson 5: Types of Permanent Financing
Section 5.1  -  Life Company or Portfolio Loans
Section 5.2  -  Bank Loans
Section 5.3  -  Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) or Conduit Loans
Section 5.4  -  Agency Lenders: Freddie Mac (FHLMC), Fannie Mae (FNMA), & FHA/HUD
Lesson 6: Analyzing Stabilized Properties
Section 6.1  -  From the Owner’s Perspective
Lesson 7: Property Profitability
Section 7.1  -  Cash-On-Cash Return
Section 7.2  -  Leveraged Cash-On-Cash Return
Section 7.3  -  Positive Leverage
Lesson 8: How Much Leverage Will this Building Support?
Section 8.1  -  Cap Rates: The Key to Income Property Value
Section 8.2  -  Loan to Value: The Lender’s Key Metric
Section 8.3  -  Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR): Another Key Lender Metric
Section 8.4  -  Amortization or Loan Constant
Section 8.5  -  Solving for the Loan Constant
Lesson 9: Permanent Loan Underwriting: Deep Dive on How the Numbers Work
Section 9.1  -  Underwriting the Stabilized Loan
Section 9.2  -  Tenant Assumptions
Lesson 10: Solving for the “Underwritten NOI”
Section 10.1  -  Deductions
Lesson 11: Asset Class Review: All Commercial Properties Were Not Created Equal
Section 11.1  -  Office Properties
Section 11.2  -  Retail Properties
Section 11.3  -  Industrial
Section 11.4  -  Multifamily
Lesson 12: Conclusion & Looking Ahead
Section 12.1  -  Conclusion
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: How will the ACPARE certification program help me?
A: Most commercial investors learn by the seat of their pants. They hack their way through learning the ropes the hard way… through trial and error. And because there’s no system in place or way to test their knowledge of what they know, they either quit or burnout.
The certification program sets you on a deliberately designed and calculated path to success. You get a step by step training process to help you accelerate your learning curve and course of action. 
So your certificate is actually a badge of accomplishment and achievement for taking the time to learn the content and material that helps you build your business AND bring in revenue in the shortest, quickest time possible. 
There’s no mistaking who you are and what you represent to your prospects and clients when you’re certified. You BECOME the expert in their eyes. You ARE that trustworthy advisor, consultant, dealmaker, and intermediary. You become the one person they can truly rely on for guidance. 
Display your badge and certificate proudly… and witness the results for yourself.
Q: How long does it take to finish an ACPARE course and receive my certification?
A: That depends on you and your schedule. There’s no time constraint. You can go at your own pace. At the end of each module there’ll be a quiz to test your knowledge of the material. 
In my experience, it’s best to set aside a few hours and go through as many modules and quizzes as possible in each sitting. This way you COMMIT to absorbing all you can and finishing the course with a set deadline in place. It’s best to avoid dragging it out over weeks or months.
Remember, an ACPARE course itself is only 8 hours. You can complete it in a day if you choose. Ideally it’ll take 3-7 days if you devote yourself to it full-time or 14 days if you commit to it part-time.
If for any reason you can’t start training right away or you have to put a course aside due to other commitments, no worries. The training is there for you 24/7 so long as your subscription remains up-to-date.
Q: Am I guaranteed a certificate and badge if I take an ACPARE Mastery Class?
A: No. You must pass the quizzes and final exam to get certified. It’s only fair to your clients and prospects that you know how to best serve them. Trying to buy an ACPARE certification is like purchasing a diploma from Wharton or Harvard. It just doesn’t work that way.
Your certificate represents the time and effort you put into the course and demonstrates your full comprehension of the material. If that weren’t the case then your certificate wouldn’t be worth the paper it was printed on.
Q: How difficult is an ACPARE Mastery Class test?
The quizzes and exams are designed to test your knowledge on the lessons you take. The questions are in no way intentionally designed to “trick” you. I have every confidence that when you go through these lessons, take notes, and focus (without distractions… like browsing websites, surfing Facebook, answering phone calls, etc.), you’ll do just fine.
Are the questions challenging? Yes. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. If it were easy everybody would be doing it. The strategies and insights you get with this training are proprietary, not like other commercial real estate courses you may have taken. This material will really distinguish you from your peers and the competition and the quiz questions for a specific ACPARE course are going to reflect your total comprehension of that arena.
Q: What if I fail an ACPARE exam? Can I retake it?
A: Absolutely. You can take any ACPARE test up to 3 times. If you don’t pass the exam after the third attempt, you’re required to retake the training… which you can do for free…plus all the lessons and quizzes prior to taking the final exam.
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